29 December 2010


Today is December 29th 2010 and I thought after all these months of reading blogs I would finally start one of my own. I was suppose to be home by now and had planned to start this when I had more of my work to put on my computer.
But the weather got in the way. The blizzard of 2010 that hit the north and has made a mess of all air travel across the US. Who knew that when I finally got up front the Guy would say Sunday (that is four days from now) was the first flight available to my home. By then I realized that I would just go with the flow.
So here I sit in my old bedroom typing away trying to figure out how this blog thing works. Like the picture to the side? I tried to post one of snow but got me instead and I can not figure out how to delete it. So if anyone is reading this please come back again! I will be trying to post more exciting things! Thanks for stopping by!