19 August 2012

Girls Weekend

This weekend my best friend Judy came to visit.  She arrived Thursday.  I have been working on the inside of the house for a while. She has not been here is a few years and it needed some help not to mention the spare room was full and a bed was not what was in it!  I finished getting ready Thursday morning. End up getting an areobed 22 inch bed.  I think it will be good.  I do not get a lot of visitors, so I figured this would work.  Judy said it was ok. I realized to late I need a mattress pad for it and I think that will help.  Anyways she arrived and when she walked in she commented on my front flower beds.  Yeah I am not a great gardner!  She said lets clean this out while I am here.  So I was game.  So Friday we spent a few hours cleaning one bed then headed out to find new plants for the beds.  We had a great time came home had a nice evening.  We did have the power go out after a lovely thunderstorm!!  We got up Saturday and spent 6 hours in the yard.  Below are a few pictures from our day.  The first is our feet after the 6 hours!  We were covered in dirt, bug bites and sun burn!!  But we had a great time!
Here is the end result!  It still needs a few bags of mulch to finish it off.  I promised to keep up the weeds and keep it looking well.

Here is the card I made her to thank her for all her help this weekend.  Just so you know  it was not all work. We did manage to do a few other things!  We did go shopping out to dinner and had some time in the craft room!  Sorry the card picture is so poor!

Hope everyone has a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!

15 August 2012


I can not believe that August is half over!  This summer is flying by!  I am having a great time!  Tomorrow my best friend is coming for a girls weekend!  It will be the first one without kids and husband in a while.  I have been preparing for a few weeks now.  I did some painting, changed some fixtures,  did lots of purging and cleaning.  I have not had time for crafting but I have gotten my craft room in order.  We plan to spend a lot of time in it this weekend!  Judy is bring a few projects and I have a few I need to work on as well.  Here is a card I made a few weeks ago when the temps were in the 100's.  I used no stamps and love how it turned out!  Hope everyone is well! 

Thanks for stopping by!