30 January 2011

A long weekend of Crafting and Fun

 Today I returned from a great beach weekend filled with crafting, laughter and lots of food!  Few friends headed out Thursday night after work to the North Carolina shore.  We arrived about 11:30pm to a really beautiful house right on the beach!  We stayed up late talking, laughing and enjoying knowing we had a weekend of fun ahead of us!  Even after staying up well past midnight we were up bright and early.  We headed out for a yummy breakfast at a local place.  So local we got looks when we walked in!  Oh and did I mention that the weather was wonderful!!  It was a no coat day!!  I loved it!  We headed back about 10am and got started on our scrapping.  We spent the whole rest of the day crafting. I was able to finish almost my whole 2010 scrapbook!  I was so excited! Since we had been up late we headed to bed before midnight.  Saturday brought another beautiful day!  We were up early again and after a quick breakfast it was back to crafting.  I worked on cards for the rest of the weekend and finished well over 20 cards.  We did take a dinner break and headed down the road to have some yummy seafood!!!  I had crab stuffed in flounder it was really good and got it at a great price!  After dinner we headed back to do a little more crafting before bed.  Today was an even better weather day than today! Again we were up early enjoying the sunrise and coffee.  Well I was anyway!  We had decided that we would pack up and spend the day hanging out on the beach.  After breakfast we headed out on a two mile walk down to the point.  It was a wonderful walk pretty warm in the sun with little wind.  We headed home about lunch time.  It was a wonderful weekend and I hope we can do it again sometime!  Below are two of the cards I made over the weekend.  The first card is the stamp of the month for Jan 11 from CTMH.  I really enjoy this new set and made several cards with it!  The bottom card I made using Papertrey Ink fillable frame 5. I love using these stamp sets!  They are so easy to use and look so nice!  I hope to post a few pages I did later this week as well.  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a wonderful week!


Card stock red Papertrey Ink and Black CTMH
Stamps: CTMH Jan 11 Stamp of the month

Paper: Stampin' Up!
Designer paper: CTMH
Stamp Set: Fillable Frame number 5
Ribbon: Brown Stampin' Up!

23 January 2011


On Friday the mailman brought me my new Papertrey Goodies! I was excited to play with my new stuff! These are two cards I made using my new Cupcake die.  I love the die so easy to use!  Still trying to figure out the whole decorating thing. The  top one I used a background stamp on the top and on the bottom one I left it blank.  I am still not sure which card I like best.
 I am also working on the picture thing. It is really hard to get a good picture when the sun is not out I realize.  I was reading a blog today who said the pictures make or break a blog.  I never thought that way before,  I enjoy all blogs good pictures or not.  So I guess we shall see what happens!
Thanks for stopping by!   Have a great week!


 Card one:  Paper: Stampin Up! Orange, and Green, Patterned paper By the Numbers Papertrey Ink
                  Stamp:  Birthday Bash Sentiments 
                  Ink: Papertrey Ink Black and Stampin Up! 
                  Other: flower Memory Makers,  Cupcake Die from Papertrey Ink, Jar label from Papertrey   
Card two:  Paper Lemon Yellow Papertrey Ink,  Patterned paper Creative Memories, Orange Paper 
                    Stampin' Up
                   Stamp: Fillable frames 12 and Big Birthday Wishes
                 Ink: Papertrey Ink Back 
                 Other: Cupcake die Papertrey Ink, Fillable Frame  12 die, and Lemon Yellow Papertrey Ink 

21 January 2011

Cards and a Layout

 So happy it is Friday! It has been a long week.  Even though it was a four day work week it seemed to go on for much longer!  I was so excited when I got home and my Papertrey order was on my front steps! The picture to the left are my goodies!!  I love all of them! SO excited to play with them this weekend!  I am sharina card and one layout I did this week.
 The first is a Birthday card I made using Papertrey Ink Pond Life and Birthday Bash Sentiments.  The paper is from Stampin' Up and the ink is from CTMH.

These are the two layout I did Wed night at my CTMH.  I am not finished with them yet. I still need a few more pictures and embellishments to go on them. I love the layout that we did this month. This is the first time in a long time that I had pictures in mind.   The pictures I used are from The Hersey Spa where my best friend and I went to celebrate our 40th Birthdays last year.  It was a day of pampering and fun!  They are not the best pictures of the layouts, I am not sure how to get a good photo of them.  Something to work on!  Thanks for stopping by! I will be playing with my new goodies this weekend so stay tuned!  Have a great evening!


20 January 2011


I was hoping to post the new cards I have done over the past weekend and the scrapbooking pages that I did last night, but I got home late last night and today was a day that was off the hook.  I did not get out of work until after 5:30 had to stop at Walgreens to pick up pictures for scrapbooking.  So here it is late in the evening and I am pooped!  I have posted one of the Birthday cards that I made last summer for a co worker.  I used Papertrey Ink stamps, ink, paper and ribbo.  I also used CTMH stamps and designer paper.  I hope tomorrow to have my new stuff up tomorrow night when I get home from the gym.  It is after all Friday!!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great night!  


18 January 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So I read a ton of blogs. One is Kim's It's a Crafty Life and she is doing Ten Random things on Tuesday for the past few Tuesday I have missed it and wanted to play along so today I finally am!  Here are 10 random things about me.  

1.  My sister just recently pointed out on her blog that I knew what I wanted to be since I was in the 4th grade and here I am oh lots of years later doing what I said I would be.  I am a Nurse.  
2. I have been a Nurse for almost 19 years.  I find that really hard to believe I mean I am only 22?? Right??
3.  I love to travel.  Europe is my favorite!  I love Germany it is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see. 
4. I love History.  All kinds.  I read about, watch movies and tv show's about and visit places!!  Can not get enough!  
5.  I was in the Army for four years active duty and five inactive reserve.  
6.  I am a Yankee by birth and a Southern by choice.  I have lived down in the South for 18 plus years and this is where I so want to be!  I am so not a Yankee anymore!  I even sound like I am from the South!
7. I love to do things for others!  These are two cakes I made for a co worker who had twins last year!  I love to bake, cook or craft things for everyone!
8. I realize that I am so not a writer and thing blogging thing is so much harder than it looks!!
9. I love to read and enjoy all types of books.
10.  I love watching What Not to Wear!  It is great to see that others can have issues with dressing.

I did it 10 things!  Sorry no cards today!  I have one for tomorrow!  So come back!  I will also have some scrapbook layout pages!  Tomorrow is my CTMH Monthly Get together and I will share what I did!  Thanks for stopping by!  


17 January 2011

A day off and time to play!

We have very few days off a year at my job so when one comes along it is time to play and enjoy.  So today started with a quick breakfast and a hour at the gym.  I love being able to go to the gym in the morning I seem to be able to workout so much better than in the afternoon.  After my friend Faith came  picked me up and we headed out to lunch and some shopping! We hit a great local Tea Room where we had a wonderful lunch!  We went to Big Lots a great place to get things at a good price.  I came home with a few things to put away for next Christmas.  There Christmas stuff is up to 70% off!!  Can not beat that!   Then headed to drop off the hats I made for my friends new baby.  She really enjoyed them well her Mom did!
No time to craft today but here is a card I made over the weekend.   I used Papertrey Ink stamps Flutter By and not sure where the sentiment came from, the die is Mat Stack 3 from Papertrey Ink, the ink is from CTMH, patterned paper is from Paper Source (got it on clearance when I was in MA over Christmas), the paper and ribbon are from Stampin' UP.   Thanks for stopping by and hope if you had the day off you had a great one!


16 January 2011

Meals for the week

This week I decided that after reading thisweekfordinner.com I would finally start planning meals for the week again. I have tried it in the past but have not done well.  Here is my list for the week.  I also included my dinner for tonight.  I made pizza and French Onion Soup for dinner which was really tasty if I do say so myself!  So far I am off to a good start!  Hoping it lasts!  Below is my list for the week!

Sunday: PW’s French Onion Soup with home made pizza
Monday: Chicken Teriyaki from Simple Recipes and vegi’s
Tuesday: Left overs
Wed: Crafting night will take a sandwich to eat on the way from work
Thursday: Out to dinner with friends
Friday: Soup and Salad
Saturday: Out to dinner with friends
Now to see how I do!!
Be sure to scroll down for my other post!

Sunday Crafting

These are the two projects that I did today.   The card is made with Papertrey Ink flower stamp of the month Violet. Using Stampin' Up!  paper and the sentiment come from Close to My Heart.   I knitted the two hats for my friend Sam's new baby. I am also making a matching hat for Sam as well.  Can not wait to see how the baby looks in her new hats!  Have a great evening!

15 January 2011

Saturday Crafting

I finally got myself into my craft room today!!  I made sure I had all the boring stuff done this morning before I went to the gym.  So after I came home from the gym I started the laundry and headed into my craft room!!  I made six cards and did some prep work for a few cards to make later in the weekend.
 The first one is a CHF Chevy Truck with a PTI Birthday saying.  I have a hard time doing guy cards, but I think this one came out well.
My other card is one that has been cut out and sitting on my craft table for a long long time.  I was just not sure how I wanted it to go together and what saying to use on it.  I finally add ribbon and found a saying I liked.  Hope you enjoy them!  I am enjoying a nice long weekend!  More to come later!
Have a great evening!


11 January 2011

Winter Weather

 These are pictures of the lovely weather we have had over the past two days.  I moved south to get away from snow. This winter we seem to be having a little more than we are used to.  This storm brought a few inches of snow followed by freezing rain which then made ice.
The cold weather makes me not want to craft since my house feels like it is about freezing and sitting in my craft room is no fun.  So instead I am huddled under a blanket playing on my lap catching up on TV that I dvr'd  over the past few weeks.  I hope this weekend which promises warm weather I will get back in the craft room.  I also want to do some cooking to.  I have been reading lots of blogs and getting some new recipes I would like to try.   The pictures are of my deck(top), front yard(middle) and my Dog Lucky(bottom). She is not thrilled about the ice. She slipped this morning so this afternoon when I came home from work she would not go out until I defrosted the deck.  Not one of the most exciting things but it has to be done.  She now has been out a few times and is enjoying being able to come and go as she sees fit.  I guess that is all for now.  Have a wonderful evening!

09 January 2011


 I finally got into my craft room yesterday!! First I had to find the table once that happened I put two cards together quickly. Both cards were put together using what was already on my table.  They were scraps that I had used in other projects.  The Big Birthday Card is for a friend who asked me to make cards for her that she could send out.  She asked for 20 cards and I have made less than ten! I am waiting for PTI's release on the 15th to order some of there new Birthday stamps to make the rest of her cards.  The other card is for another co-worker who has her Birthday tomorrow. I also made a chocolate cake as well but it is not exciting so I am not sharing.
 It has been a productive weekend here not only did I get to my craft room but I put away my Christmas decorations and cleaned the house. So now next week and the long weekend I should be able to do lots of crafting and a few other projects I need to work on!
I also finally got meet my friends new baby, today who is a whole five days old and oh so sweet! I was talking to her big sister about hats and scarfs when her Mom (my friend)  walked in. We got to talking about baby hats and how I had made them for Christmas gifts this past Christmas I said I would love to make one for the baby and she said she would love one too so I plan to start this afternoon when I finish up here.  I am going to watch the Packers vs the Eagles and knit!!  Love it!  Will share the end results soon!  So am off to knit, watch football and hope that the weatherman is wrong for tomorrow's forecast which is snow and freezing rain!  Yuck to both! Have a wonderful rest of the evening!


06 January 2011


This is what I did after work tonight!  Yummy can not wait to dig in to this! The smell is wonderful. However it is for work tomorrow for a Birthday.  It is a co workers Birthday and I said I would do the sweet and the Birthday Girl wanted apple pie. So here it is!  I tired to take a picture of the card that I did to go with the pie but it is to dark and it looks really bad so no card.  I am so excited that the week is almost over!  Looking forwards to spending time in my craft room this weekend! First cleaning then crafting!!  Have a great evening.

05 January 2011

What a week!!

So happy it is finally Wed!! My week started off finally getting home which was great until my internet went wonky! Finally today it is up and working and I am getting caught up on blogs, blogging and emails! Oh My!!  Work has also been off the hook!!   I have not had any time to play in my craft room which I was hoping to do so I am posting a card I did last summer for a birthday at work.  I used PTI stamp set and dies.  Loving PTI's dies!  I use them all the time.  My goal for the rest of the week is to get into the craft room and at least do one card!  I have to make an apple pie and card for work for Friday. I am in charge of the Birthday cards and sometimes I get to do the sweet too! Well off to finish up before bed!  Thanks for stopping by!

01 January 2011

1 Jan 2011

Happy New Year!  As I sit here I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of 2010.  I am however having issues accessing some of them so here are two that I can get to!  The crafty one is one of my favorite new sets of 2010 from PTI.  I made the tag for freezer jam that I tried for the first time last year and can not wait for spring and fresh fruit so I can make more!!  I also made a tag for the wine bottle using PTI dies and stamps.  
 Then the next picture are the strawberries that I love and eat so much of when you can get them freshly picked!  These are from a local farm who has yummy produce from April to Sep.  
So those are two pictures from 2010.  I am now looking to this year and what it will hold!  I have a few different projects that I am hoping to get started when I return home.  I recently purchased a Silhouette SD which is so cool but I really have not had a chance to play with it!  That is one of the top things to start this year out trying to figure it out and seeing what I can do with it.   I also signed up to do Ali Edwards One Little Word which I am so excited to start!  I finally figured out my word which is  content and will share my progress as the months get going.  Those are a few crafty things I want to work on.  I also hope to cook more this year.  I did an ok job last year but really want to get better at it.  I find it hard to come home after a full day of work, the gym and whatever else I have done to cook a full meal.  I am also going to try to do menu planning on the weekend and do prep for the week ahead.  I have done this in the past and find it works well.  We shall see what I can really do with it!   Thanks for stopping by! More later!  Have a wonderful day!