02 February 2012

Happy Ground Hog Day!!

Well I am not doing great with my hopes of posting on a more regular basis.  Work has been very busy over the last month. We have had a major change and it has been busy!
 Today I am sharing a card I made over my beach weekend last month.  I gave this one to a friend who recently had to put her best doggie friend down.  She really liked it and I am glad it made her bad day a little brighter.  I hope to post more this weekend!  I have a few fun things I have made recently that I want to share!  Got the ideas off Pintrest!  What a fun place!  Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend!
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  1. Very beautiful, I love the humming bird card .I love humming birds , sometimes I have 8 or more at the feeder and we have nests every year. The green is a perfect choice you this card and so is the sheer ribbon. Hope you find more fun craft time this weekend.You have a great weekend too.

  2. What a nice card. Your coloring is beautiful.

  3. That green inking around the white panel is a great touch. I've not done the Pinterest thing yet, but I do love seeing the pretty bits that people post on their blogs from there. Save me the hassle, I guess - ha!

  4. Jessie this is BEAUTIFUL! I am sure it helped brighten your friends day!! Pinterest.. sigh.. LOVE it there! Cant wait to see what you create!
    Have a GREAT day!!

  5. Jessie how did you add your follow me on pinterest button?!! I gotta do that! hee hee! THANKS! :)

  6. Beautiful card and yes there are a lot of inspiration on pinterest

  7. Very sweet card , im sure it really touched your friends heart.
    I love Pinterest dont know how we ever managed without it ........


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