05 June 2012

Fun Times

Hello all!! Today I am sharing some wonderful work by two lovely children in my life!  My weekend was jam packed with fun!  Sat after doing chores and car stuff I took a short car ride to meet up with three other ladies.  We were off on a two and half hour kayaking trip followed by dinner at one of our local winery's.  What a blast!! The weather was amazing and we just had a great time!  Sunday morning I was off to spend the day with my friend Faith's two girls.  She and her husband were headed home from a wedding and I said I would love to spend the day with them!  We had a blast!  I brought a bunch of craft stuff and we made cards!  We also spent most of the day out side. It was another amazing weather day!  I am sharing the cards we made.  Her daughters are 10 and 4. I think they did great jobs!!

I really had a wonderful weekend!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!



  1. What a fun time for you! The girls did a great job on their cards!

  2. Hey Jessie ! Sounds like you had a blast ! All the outdoors stuff you did sound like the best way to spend the day. Crafting with young girls is a blast I know they loved making cards with you, as my grandughters love making cards as well. They did a super job on their cards , both so pretty! Your a good friend! Take care!

  3. Hi, Jessie , I was so excited when I saw your comment that I won Big Cheese, Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Totally fun! I always cringe when my daughter makes cards because they aren't perfect...and then I have to remember - she's a kid! LOL! But these are great...so fun; good times.


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