06 March 2011

Another Sunday!

Happy Sunday!  Unfortunately it is almost over!  I have to share my dinner with you all it was super easy and yummy! Chicken Alfredo, I used  half and half, parm cheese, and butter. Oh and a little salt.  I finally got it right, low and slow! I have tried this a few times and it never came together. This time I got it and it was good!

Anyway, finally played in my craft today for an hour or so and only manged to make two cards?!  Yikes!! Ever have one of those days!  Or should I say weekends.  I sat down at my table yesterday and did nothing!  I just had a blank mind and nothing was working.  I finally gave up and went back this afternoon.  Here are the two cards I  came up with.  I went to Michaels yesterday and purchased the I rock and some embellishments to go with it.  I used those on the With Love card.  I really like the look and it took no time to get them on the card!  Well it has been a nice low key weekend! Here is hoping the coming week is too!  Have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great cards Jessie! Okay, what is the I rock? Something to do with crystals?

  2. Yum and yum! One Yum for the dinner and another for those fab cards! I particularly love the doily treatment in the first. Great job all round!

  3. Jessie these are WONDERFUL!! Glad you got some creative time! I am HOPING to sneak in my space this weekend! :)
    YUM Alfredo.. LOVE it homemade.. I agree.. LOW and SLOW.. the best way to make it! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!!


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