30 October 2011

Christmas Card

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!  I have had a low key weekend of cleaning, crafting and cooking.  I started making Christmas cards and  I am sharing one I made last weekend.   I have made almost 50 cards over the last two months.  I am hoping for another 50 to finish out 100 total.  I also finally took pictures of the ones I made.  I made this one with a shaker.  I had gotten the stuff to make them years ago and had not made one.  I am really happy how they came out.  
 I wish everyone a wonderful week and if you are up North I hope you did not get lots of snow and still have your power!  



  1. Great job on getting your Christmas cards going...so jealous! Cute card...how fun with the shaker! Have a great week.

  2. Wow, Jessie I cant believe you have made that many cards already! Love your card and how fun to have the shaker of snow. Great idea! I need to get started. Take care. Happy Halloween

  3. Very pretty Jessie! I love the pink and blue together! I should try to make shaker cards ;)

  4. So simple, elegant and beautiful on the same time

  5. Never have I attempted a shaker card. Love this though! So fun! And perfect with a snow theme for sure!

  6. Jessie this is WONDERFUL! YEAH for getting 50 done.. your GOOD! I wont start til Dec.. I like to say the 1st... but it never happens on time! HA!!
    Hope all is well! Have a GREAT day!


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