25 January 2013

Ice and yuck!!

As I sit in my living room this Friday afternoon I am thankful for a great job that let us out early on a yucky weather day. (below is a picture of my deck a few hours ago)  About 10 this am the snow started and since it was so cold it stuck fast then it turned to freezing rain and sleet.  I left work sometime after 12 and arrived home about 2pm.  Mind you I am only 33 miles away from my job!!  It is usually a 40-45 minute drive.  In some area I drove 20 miles an hour!  Plus I was so worried in my new car! I so did not want an accident in it!!

Now hours later it is worse. My deck is covered with ice and slush.  The birds even have ice on them!  I am sitting enjoying having an afternoon off even if I really cannot go anywhere. I was going to my craft room but the house is so cold I am snuggling under a blanket on my couch!  I am sure some of you are laughing at the small amount on my deck!  But realize I live in NC and we have no idea how to handle this!  Well I do but I am one of the few!  Ok now on to my card!!!

I am sharing my last thank you card for the holiday season!  This was really easy to put together!  I cut one inch strips of DP and put it on a strip of black with red twine, then last stamped with a sentiment.  I really love how fast this came together!  Well I am off to enjoy the rest of my evening snuggled under my blankets!  Have a great weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!!



  1. Hi Jessie! Looks like your weather is perfect for snuggling under a blanket and blogging! ;-) Another great thank you card - thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh that seems so cold. How wonderful that you got to go home early . I'm the same way if I'm too cold much better to just snuggled up .i can just see you all worried about your new car. ( I would be the same way)
    Love your sweet thank you card. CAS.
    Try to stay warm. All the kids and grand kids are coming over for dinner, it's my husbands birthday. So I was getting everything ready yesterday.

  3. Jessie what a SWEET card!!! (I am still FINISHING my holiday thank yous.. tomorrow.. tomorrow! HA!)
    Hope your staying WARM!! Nice you were able to leave your job early and drive home SAFE!!
    Have a GREAT day!

  4. Love that red twine, Miss Jessie....always love the little extras. The weather...ohhhh the blasted weather! - - I feel for ya'.

  5. Just popping by to say HI!! Hope all is well!!!
    Have a GREAT day Jessie!!


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