19 May 2011

For Jane

Today I am posting my "box" that I get every other week from Neighbor's Feeding Neighbor's in the Sandhills! My friend Jane posted her box on her facebook page so I am sharing here.  I love getting fresh  fruit and vegi's from local farmers. It is so fresh and tastes so yummy!  I now will spend the next few days planning and eating all these lovely fresh vegi's.  The strawberries will be gone by tomorrow night! I have already eaten about a quarter of the container!  Nothing beats a fresh strawberry that were just picked today!! I love cooking and joining this Farm to Table has opened up my taste buds to new things I have not tried.  Usually because I have no idea what to do with them!  Each time I pick up my "box" I get a little flyer with what everything is and some recipes to cook with.  So I am really looking forwards to this weekend!   Tomorrow night I will be crafting and will share this weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Friday!!



  1. What beautiful vegetables. Do you buy them or do they just share what they have with neighbors. Anyway you can't beat fresh vegetables. I grew som lettuce in pots , not only do they look beautiful they taste great too. It's so fun to just go outside and get some lettuce. We have plenty of lemons and limes , wish I could share them with you:) .

  2. Yummy! Those veggies and fruits look so delicious.

  3. Oh my. Yummy! I can't wait for our local farmers markets to start up!

  4. We have something similar here called Bountiful Basket and I just love the weekend surprise to see what's in it. Nothing like fresh produce; enjoy!


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