06 May 2012


Well who knew that it has been over  a month since I last blogged!!  Oh my!!  Life has been super busy!! I hope not to go so long between posts!  Thank you for all the nice comments on missing me!! I truly had no idea it was March since I last blogged!  Today I am sharing a card I made for my nephew who recently turned 9.  It is a simple card, no embellishments or ribbon.  I was unsure when I made it but according to my Dad and Sister my nephew loved it!!  Yay me!!

I will be posting a few more things this week!  Thanks for stopping by!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring!!  


  1. Hi Jessie! That's a perfect card for a 9 year old boy! Glad to see you back!

  2. Welcome back to blog land, we missed you. Bethie and I were a bit worried about you as well . Great card and I'm sure it was a big hit.

  3. YEAH Jessie's back!!! :) I agree it is a PERFECT card for a 9 year old boy!!! :)
    Hope you have a GREAT day!!! and WELCOME BACK!!!! We missed you!!!


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