16 January 2011

Meals for the week

This week I decided that after reading thisweekfordinner.com I would finally start planning meals for the week again. I have tried it in the past but have not done well.  Here is my list for the week.  I also included my dinner for tonight.  I made pizza and French Onion Soup for dinner which was really tasty if I do say so myself!  So far I am off to a good start!  Hoping it lasts!  Below is my list for the week!

Sunday: PW’s French Onion Soup with home made pizza
Monday: Chicken Teriyaki from Simple Recipes and vegi’s
Tuesday: Left overs
Wed: Crafting night will take a sandwich to eat on the way from work
Thursday: Out to dinner with friends
Friday: Soup and Salad
Saturday: Out to dinner with friends
Now to see how I do!!
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