09 January 2011


 I finally got into my craft room yesterday!! First I had to find the table once that happened I put two cards together quickly. Both cards were put together using what was already on my table.  They were scraps that I had used in other projects.  The Big Birthday Card is for a friend who asked me to make cards for her that she could send out.  She asked for 20 cards and I have made less than ten! I am waiting for PTI's release on the 15th to order some of there new Birthday stamps to make the rest of her cards.  The other card is for another co-worker who has her Birthday tomorrow. I also made a chocolate cake as well but it is not exciting so I am not sharing.
 It has been a productive weekend here not only did I get to my craft room but I put away my Christmas decorations and cleaned the house. So now next week and the long weekend I should be able to do lots of crafting and a few other projects I need to work on!
I also finally got meet my friends new baby, today who is a whole five days old and oh so sweet! I was talking to her big sister about hats and scarfs when her Mom (my friend)  walked in. We got to talking about baby hats and how I had made them for Christmas gifts this past Christmas I said I would love to make one for the baby and she said she would love one too so I plan to start this afternoon when I finish up here.  I am going to watch the Packers vs the Eagles and knit!!  Love it!  Will share the end results soon!  So am off to knit, watch football and hope that the weatherman is wrong for tomorrow's forecast which is snow and freezing rain!  Yuck to both! Have a wonderful rest of the evening!


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