18 January 2011

Ten on Tuesday

So I read a ton of blogs. One is Kim's It's a Crafty Life and she is doing Ten Random things on Tuesday for the past few Tuesday I have missed it and wanted to play along so today I finally am!  Here are 10 random things about me.  

1.  My sister just recently pointed out on her blog that I knew what I wanted to be since I was in the 4th grade and here I am oh lots of years later doing what I said I would be.  I am a Nurse.  
2. I have been a Nurse for almost 19 years.  I find that really hard to believe I mean I am only 22?? Right??
3.  I love to travel.  Europe is my favorite!  I love Germany it is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see. 
4. I love History.  All kinds.  I read about, watch movies and tv show's about and visit places!!  Can not get enough!  
5.  I was in the Army for four years active duty and five inactive reserve.  
6.  I am a Yankee by birth and a Southern by choice.  I have lived down in the South for 18 plus years and this is where I so want to be!  I am so not a Yankee anymore!  I even sound like I am from the South!
7. I love to do things for others!  These are two cakes I made for a co worker who had twins last year!  I love to bake, cook or craft things for everyone!
8. I realize that I am so not a writer and thing blogging thing is so much harder than it looks!!
9. I love to read and enjoy all types of books.
10.  I love watching What Not to Wear!  It is great to see that others can have issues with dressing.

I did it 10 things!  Sorry no cards today!  I have one for tomorrow!  So come back!  I will also have some scrapbook layout pages!  Tomorrow is my CTMH Monthly Get together and I will share what I did!  Thanks for stopping by!  


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  1. Those cakes are so cute! You would sooo laugh at my cake decorating skills, they are sad! :-) I knew what I wanted to be since 2nd or 3rd grade too, and here I am doing it! Yay for planners! ;-)


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