11 January 2011

Winter Weather

 These are pictures of the lovely weather we have had over the past two days.  I moved south to get away from snow. This winter we seem to be having a little more than we are used to.  This storm brought a few inches of snow followed by freezing rain which then made ice.
The cold weather makes me not want to craft since my house feels like it is about freezing and sitting in my craft room is no fun.  So instead I am huddled under a blanket playing on my lap catching up on TV that I dvr'd  over the past few weeks.  I hope this weekend which promises warm weather I will get back in the craft room.  I also want to do some cooking to.  I have been reading lots of blogs and getting some new recipes I would like to try.   The pictures are of my deck(top), front yard(middle) and my Dog Lucky(bottom). She is not thrilled about the ice. She slipped this morning so this afternoon when I came home from work she would not go out until I defrosted the deck.  Not one of the most exciting things but it has to be done.  She now has been out a few times and is enjoying being able to come and go as she sees fit.  I guess that is all for now.  Have a wonderful evening!

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